The G3 Group owns and operates a number of companies across several industry areas.





Filecorp incorporating Eureka and Daltons are G3's Document Management brands offering specialist filing and document cataloguing solutions.

Businesses manage and store their in-house documents and records in the most efficient manner possible using the following G3 Document Management products and services:

  • Lateral filing systems are a physical, free standing filing system that maximises space utilisation within the office environment;
  • Document cataloguing software and labels;
  • Draw filing;
  • Cabinets;
  • Desk tidy rack;
  • Filing accessories including clips, organisers etc.

These products and services are available direct through Filecorp, Eureka and Daltons or at leading office product retail outlets





Deregulated in 1998, the New Zealand postal market was one of the first in the world to see the development of domestic competition for the retailing and delivery of letters. G3 Group has established a solid presence in many areas of the market through its operating companies.

New Zealand Mail was established in 2004 and is a specialist postal operator that caters primarily to business mail customers with a broad spectrum of professional requirements. New Zealand Mail also produces stamps for general mail that are available from leading retailers.


Send provides a postal service that has a focus on delivering better value to clients through its ability to make use of the most appropriate delivery network for mail delivery depending on the client's needs and location. Send has arrangements with alternative delivery networks to drive additional flexibility for the postal market offerings of the group.


Pete's Post was one of the original competitors to the national incumbent, and has become a well known competitor brand in the postal market bringing innovation and service to small business customers since 1998. The prepaid envelope portion of the Pete's Post business was acquired by the G3 Group in 2011 and remains a popular choice for small businesses.


Fastway Post is another one of New Zealand’s long standing successful postal brands, providing an alternative retail network with over 180 retailers throughout New Zealand. Fastway Post is a business unit working with Fastway Couriers, the world's largest courier franchise organization, represented across 5 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa.


Rocket Mail provides professional mailing services to large and small businesses throughout New Zealand. Our complete mail-house offer includes data processing and content management, inkjet printing, laser printing, insertion, direct mailing, postal services; both domestic and international as well as storage and fulfilment services. Their professional team implement every project to a high standard and precise deadlines.


Simpson Data (via Rocket Mail) provides professional data and mailing services to businesses throughout New Zealand. Our complete mail-house offer includes data management and data processing, content management, laser printing, addressing, film wrapping ,hand or machine inserting, mailing solutions that will cover both your domestic and international mailing requirements and lodgment into the mail networks.

Simpson data also offer storage and fulfilment services, response management and any other special requirements our customer may have. Our professional team implement every project to a high standard and precise deadlines.



G3 Medical sources quality products to sell and distrubute directly to New Zealand businesses and consumers throughout the world.

G3 Medical has a focus on Rapid Antigen Tests and Face Masks, and related products such as air purifyers.