RMIT presents the 2015 Formfile Virtual Office Award

Formfile has been working with RMIT over the last decade and sponsoring RMIT’s Diploma of Business Administration. The team at RMIT created a “virtual office” using the Formfile colour coded filing range and Formfile cabinetry to allow their students to study in a simulated office environment. Each year the top student is chosen to win the Formfile Virtual Office Award.

RMIT selected Karin Taeubner as the winner of the 2015 Formfile award. After raising her family, Karin attended RMIT’s Diploma of Business Administration to refresh her skills before re-entering the workforce. On obtaining her Diploma, Karin commenced working for a business which uses the Formfile lateral colour coded filing system as well as several other Formfile products. RMIT’s virtual office creating a seamless transition from study to workplace for Karin.