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Meet the Expert: Hazel Sims
Hazel Sims teaches the Diploma of Business Administration at RMIT. She talks about the importance of hands-on learning.

RMIT has a longstanding relationship with Formfile – why is this partnership important?
Formfile joined the Business Administration program many years ago. This partnership has enabled RMIT to support students by showing them the best industry practice for the records management discipline. Formfile has offered our students Work Integrated Learning placements and has continued to support our program by acting as a business partner and mentor for our Simulated Business.

In 2017 you set up the Formfile Digital Office project; can you explain how this works?
The digital office project is an exciting concept for the students, because it is a dynamic way in which they can be assessed for competence at a current industry standard. There are five key stakeholders, RMIT, Formfile, ELO Enterprise 9 software, Kodak, and our Simulated Business.

We’ve developed a project administration approach to student learning in the digital office. How this works is that students design an administration system in consultation with Formfile, who provide best practice modelling and consultation. Formfile hosts the ELO platform on the “cloud”. Kodak equipment is used to scan documents.

Students upload their designs for their various administration systems to ELO. Handling paper based and electronic documents gives the students a dynamic experience and a real understanding of what to expect when they graduate and work in industry. Formfile will remain a valued business mentor by providing feedback and guidance for the next iteration.

The next phase of the digital office experience is a Work Integrated Learning project which will form part of the Diploma of Business Administration program. Students will work on a project brief from the Public Records of Victoria which involves digital archiving.

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