G3 Group Limited (NXT: GGL) confirms completion of the acquisition of Australia based 'Formfile Records Management Group'.

The Formfile Group specialises in document & data management including the conversion of physical paper documents into automated digital workflows. The acquisition is consistent with G3 Group’s previously announced growth strategies both around the expansion of its traditional ‘old technology’ paper based services, and the development of transitional and complementary ‘new technology’ based services.

Established nearly 30 years ago in Melbourne, Formfile offers a complete suite of document & data management services to Australian businesses of all sizes, allowing them to more efficiently manage, maintain and access their vital business data. Formfile’s services systematically ensure that throughout the document life-cycle of ‘creation to cremation’, businesses maintain full compliance with strict Australian regulatory requirements for data retention and security.

Formfile provides specialist advice on best practice document workflows in both paper-based and digital formats. Documents and data are managed by Formfile either physically within one of Formfile’s storage facilities, onsite at a customer location or stored in a cloud-based digital environment. As business workflows evolve, Formfile further supports its customers to transition through to a total digital platform, integrating internal and external workflows onto a single secure digital platform.